15:30 – “Waxplay 2: artistic and sadistic” by Moon

15:30 – “Waxplay 2: artistic and sadistic” by Moon

part of the Dominatrix Conference 10/12/16*

We all know about candles and BDSM. Hot wax on bare flesh gets a lot of juices flowing. So we’d like to invite you to Moon who will introduce you to waxplay and its creative possibilities.

Theorie + Oefenen Theory + Practice
Beginners en Gevorderden Beginners and Advanced

(suitable for all, but less time for the basics)


The workshop

Candles and wax are very versatile and can be used in many different ways.
This waxplay workshop is al about having responsible and creative fun with them.

– basic safety rules
– a very(!) short summary of part 1
– different ways to apply wax
– tips on artistic waxplay (or as I call it: let´s get messy and expressive)
– tips on sadistic waxplay (I always get an “OUCH” out of everyone….)
– some more tips and tricks on how to use during different scenes
– hands on practice of the above between the theory

And I would love to hear your thoughts on the discussion if one should consider waxplay to be edgeplay or sensation play (or…).

There will be room for questions during the workshop and after on the AMA (Ask Me Anything).

I will bring a variety of candles and waxes to experience and some of you might even play with my UV wax.Kinkinfo_Resultaat

Please bring a towel and make sure your clothing (and hair) isn’t flammable!
The workshop is suitable for everyone, couples and singles, regardless of experience level or role.

About Moon

Moon (D_Moon on FL) has been described as a bratty but strict and playful Domina. I like to have fun with my playpartners and do things a bit differently than “da Rules” might define. Communication and safety being the foundation of every scene I engage in.
One of my biggest loves is playing with wax and turn my partners into colorful works of art (mostly abstract, because I am actually a shitty artist). Even as a child I enjoyed playing with colored candles on the dinner table, watching the wax drip down and make streams while I tipped them… I also learned to respect the fire as well as the wax itself back then 😉
Both that knowledge and love stuck with me through the years, so when I first heard about waxplay there was no turning back and my collection of candles grew rapidly. After playing with with them at a few parties, I noticed there was always an audience and people who wanted to try which inspired me to create a workshop and a demo. And so…here we are 🙂Kinkinfo_Waxplay

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