12/8: the 2nd (all gender) play party

12/8: the 2nd (all gender) play party

Ready2Kink-_all-gender-PlayParty.jpgA pre-party in the afternoon/early evening, the beginning of the night…

Fetish & BDSM Play Party in Amsterdam centre

Dresscode: Whatever gets you sexy horny!

We offer:
-Bar, Lounge and Stage
-Bondage points everywhere (including suspension points)
-Matrasses, gloryholes, condoms
-BDSM play areas and equipment
-Vacuum bed

Ready2Kink is: A party where play and pleasure are essential. Explore your boundaries. There is room to live out the whole spectrum of BDSM and fetish play, sex (safe!) is allowed everywhere. We encourage you to be yourself and enjoy yourself with others.
Please do not be disrespectful, do not interrupt others people’s play and of course no touching without asking. Dungeon Monitors will be present for questions and safety.
Newbies or ‘experts’ all are welcome! On stage you will be able to watch experienced people show you their kinks and we are happy to to show off your stuff on the little stage.

Time:Ready2Kink is held from the late afternoon until early evening, which will allow you to party on afterwards. We have heard there is a great party held on the same day. Door opens at 17.00 and the party ends at 22.00, but the entrance closes at 19.00.
Capacity is limited, so be sure to get your ticket in advance at:

ready2kink.com (click here)



Je kunt nu hier* online tickets



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