The Meantime gets Colourful

The Meantime gets Colourful

Imagine: you are rather new to this kinky party scene and you don’t know anyone yet.
Would you have the courage to go to this ‘hot thang’ and ask the question: “Hey, wanna fuck?”
Not many people do…

And even when you’d have the guts. You are a nice person, so you do not want to startle people who just came to just have a little casual talk, not interested in your sex…

A conversational problem to be solved

__ Just here to socialise
__ Maybe, ask me
__ Down to fuck
__ Yes to BDSM (no sex!)

So people came up with the idea that the party-communication would get easier if you’d be able to flag your ideas for the night at the Meantime play parties.
Ergo: we bought 4 color codes suggestion wristbands to flag your wishes.

  • A white wristband suggests: “Just here to socialize” (NL: ik kom voor de gezelligheid)
  • A yellow wristband suggests: “Maybe, ask me” (NL: misschien, vraag maar)
  • A red wristband suggests: “Down to fuck” (NL: neuken?)
  • A blue wristband suggests: “Yes to BDSM, but no sex” (wel S/M, géén seks)

…Oh and feel free to make any combinations you like 🙂

See you there!


(Now, do you -like me- want to see how people magically have a suggestion wristband when someone special enters the room?) 😉

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