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“Keep kinky parties safe!”
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Keep kinky parties safe!

Kinky parties should be fun and so we are trying to find a good way to set boundaries to play-parties without giving yet another serious list of “NO’s” (of course regulations might be different on different locations)

Safe BDSM-play

To the People that like to watch…

  • Watch with respect for the players that allow (!) you to watch
  • If you don’t like what you see: no remarks or laughter is in place, you might wanna just move on.
  • If you are invited(!) to jerk off: respect each other’s skin: don’t splatter body fluids (do keep your distance please)
  • Inform yourself beforehand and keep it kinky (drama is not sexy)
  • Respect the cleaners: no ‘showers’ of any other colour than clean water
  • The Dungeon Monitor can answer questions (and has the final word! (-don’t argue: let’s party!-)

For the Players

  • Play with Consent! (if you shouldn’t drive, you maybe should not play with implements designed to hurt a body)
  • Play Risk Aware and play with tomorrow in mind (you may want to hurt but no one wants to be maimed)   … Yes means Yes!!!
  • Know your whips and other impact-implements and know your surrounding (no sharpies, long whips etc. when it’s crowded)
  • Safe-play: Only play with body-fluids as long as your skin is intact!
  • Respect the limits of your play partner (and the ones that are watching -the party atmosphere- please) …the DM has the final word
  • Electroplay: know your electrical circuit (no current through the heart -nipple-play alert-)
  • Respect the clothing and health of fellow players and party-people: do not walk around with sharpies
  • You would like to play clean too (so clean up afterwards, tissues and disinfectant stuff is at the Dungeon Monitor’s)
  • Did I mention that the Dungeon Monitor has the final word? 😉

Safe Sex parties

  • Sex and Drugs and Alcohol (be realistic and non-judgemental)
    • Every drug (including alcohol) has its risks
    • Always have safe sex (even if your partner looks soooo yummy healthy)
    • The First Aid Team is your friend and they’re not here to judge you (please ask Dungeon Monitors and staff if you question a situation)
    • Think for yourself, care about others
    • If you go: Don’t drink, use drugs and drive. Maybe get a cab…

Rave Safe:

  • You can push your limits but respect your biology: Be responsible
  • Love your ears: protect them (earplugs are available)
  • Drink enough to not overheat but do not drink to much water when on drugs
  • Be prepared (condoms and clothing for any type of weather and dance)
  • Pace yourself (Rythm): Eat, sleep, rave and take your time to chill


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