the Meantime F.A.Q.

the Meantime all-gender play party Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

MeantimeQ(uestion): I heard that there are often first-timers at the Meantime. So I need to ask this question as a first-timer:
MUST I be playing at the Meantime Play-party?

A(nswer): No!
There is really nothing you should (apart from our 2 rules: “have respect” and “ask first” before you make a sexual move)
Jokingly I often say: Are you being paid to go to this club? If not, then how can you be obliged to do anything? (other than having fun and enjoy others along the way?)
A lot of people come the first time to just watch and talk. And once they know the premises, they can get their freak out the next time they come.

Q: Where do I get tickets?
A: You can get ‘em online at or more expensive at the door (if there are any left)

Q: is there a dresscode?
A: We like our guests to dress up in… Well, whatever makes you feel horny, sexy. Leather or latex is not mandatory but do make an effort please! Don’t wear what you wear when shopping at your regular stores. If you don’t make an effort, like the people who did dress up in leather, lace, latex, people would get the idea that you’re just there lurking sexy people without doing an effort yourself… (and I don’t think you want that position)

Q: How big a toy-bag is allowed to store? (I am really bad at choosing so I would like to bring all my S&M-gear… and some extra chains just to be sure…)
A: Please remember that it is not only your bag that the guys from the garderobe will have to lift and store (if your bag is too heavy they are allowed to say “no” and you yourself would have the one to carry it around during the party).   :-S
You can hang your coat and your streetwear clothes on the hangers. So bags really don’t need to be big. A 25x35x40cm bag, weighing a maximum of 4kg is the max!

Q: Can you guarantee that I get laid, if I come?
A: Actually, I would advise you to not go to our party. I am afraid you don’t really have the party-mind-set that is needed to enjoy TheMeantime … :-S
Even stronger: I always say to any play-party first-timer: “Do not expect any kind of sex or play during your first parties. Try to have a fun time with the people you meet and there is a bigger chance you’ll see them as fun people instead of meat.”
If you know how to enjoy yourself, chances you’ll hook up have increased dramatically. If you come expecting to ‘get laid’, the chances are big that you not respectful to others and you are less fun to be with.

Q: I am a slave, can I walk barefoot?
A: Dear Dom/Domme, you are responsible for the health of your slave(girl). Of course, we do clean beforehand. But this IS a gay ‘cruising area’ and drinks here, are served in glass. I would strongly advise slippers at least for your slave (to recover from the high heels), or (at the VERY least!) a tetanus shot in the hospital after you stepped in a glass splinter.

Q: How do I get to the Meantime? (can I park nearby?)
A: Cheapest is by bike (park for free at beursplein), by public transport (the Eagle is not even a whole kilometre from central station). And if you are driving a car, then parking is not cheap. Only if you arrange that beforehand you could park at P1 or if you are shopping beforehand it even gets suddenly a lot cheaper if you park outside the centre at P+R

Q: Can I approach other people during the Meantime?
A: Of course! If you are nice and respectful… A lot of people come here just to talk and to meet people. A lot of people aks others question about techniques or the practicality of their roles after their play/session (of course you don’t want to interfere when people are busy).
As long as you remember the 2 rules “respect and ask first” you’ll most likely be a nice person they would like to get to know (if they feel like that).

Q: If I notice that someone else is jacking off to my play, my sex or my demeanour in general. What can I do?
A: Well, actually that should not have been a possibility. Since one of our 2 rules is “ask first”, and since jacking off is something you do to someone or something (someone does). So apparently you (or the things you do) are the “objet du desir” for someone, that someone should -as the jacker-offer- ask you if it is okay with you, that your appearance is so horny to him/her that he/she would love to relieve themselves in your general direction. If you take that as a compliment (and please do) you should maybe have a quick talk about closeness in relation to squirt range. But then, of course, everything is OK.
If you do not like that idea tho, then “no thank you for the compliment, but no!
“No” is a perfectly fine answer to such a question if it does nos increase your party-experience.
So… if someone starts jerking off in your direction without asking, you have all the right in the world to say: “hey bro, if you had asked, maybe… but without asking? That’s a no-no, here” (so please stop now… or would you prefer Hans explaining this further to you?)…

Q: Can we combine BDSM and sex here?
A: Hell yes!
Oh by the way, we think that practicing safe sex would be a good idea -unless otherwise stated- .

Q: What are the limits to our BDSM play during the Meantime?
A: OK, we are here together to have a good time and with respect comes cleaning up after you are done. But for the rest… if you are not extremely violent with blood and gore…
If you like piss-play do spray it off afterwards and do not walk around smelly (same for other body fluids) … there is a golden shower area in the back of the ‘dark’-room.
And if you like needle play, don’t walk around with uncapped needles.
And if you wield whips in this not-so-big club it wouldn’t be really respectful to whip out the eyes of bystanders.
You’ll get my drift…. Having fun together.

Q: can I smoke?
A: there (still) is a smoking-room, yes

Q: can I smoke dope…
A: condoning the use of drugs would be something that would attract both unwanted guests and police-officers :-S So: No we don’t think that’s a good idea.

Q: is there a minimum amount of drinks you have to buy?
A: yes, at the Eagle, a minimum of 2 non-alcoholic beverages per person per party is required.

Q: Why can’t I just come in when it’s sold out? I’m not that big…
A: Of course we love to have you there. But we are happy to say that The Meantime gets more and more visitors. People often tell us to ‘grow’ but we think that we want to be a small play party… And we do not want to cram as many as possible in, we want the room to play.

Q: Then, how to prevent me from standing before a closed door?
A: Please check the party-dates:

and pre-order tickets, please.

Q: Are there any rules specific to the Meantime?
A: “having respect” and “ask first” sounds familiar? 😉

Q: Can I ask other questions?
A: Of course, I do try to give everybody a personal welcome and a tour around the premises. But if I would have missed you for some reason (this is a party for me too) then please ask around for me (Hans) or QT or Raymond.
Or send your question below.

Other Questions

“The Meantime”… Where does that name come from?
Due to confusion, we had to drop the original name (Ready2Kink). So we were all looking for a good new one for a party where people do all kind of mean things with each other 😛 A party that falls at a somewhat different time. A little in the meantime between the end of the day and the start of the big parties …
Until Q.T. said: “what do you all think of the Mean-time ?”
… * drop mike *